Essential Bees

Their buzzing busyness, the delicacy of their wings that carry them impressively long distances, their drunken enthusiasm in gathering nectar from flowers; I love watching and photographing bees. I've had the occasional small honeybee land on my outstretched hand to explore me for a bit before flying off in search of it's next flower.  

Tragically, the fate of bees is under threat, which threatens the fate of our food supply, pollination essential to agriculture. Over the last several years, billions of bees from around the world have disappeared, a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder. One of the strongest theories as to why this is occurring points to pesticide poisoning that causes bees to lose their sense of navigation, never to return to the hive. To learn more about colony collapse disorder read Controversy Deepens Over Pesticides and Bee Collapse

Check out the Special on the fate of Bees - Silence of the Bees

And most importantly, use organic methods of gardening and choose an organic lifestyle. The extent to which human health is affected by chemical poisons is equally hazardous.

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