Puppies Puppies Everywhere
January 8, 2010

I adore dogs. Actually I am fond of all animals. But dogs share a special place in my heart. Their social nature, their devotion, their companionship - D-O-G / G-O-D

barbara - Puppies Puppies EverywhereThis dog wanted someone to play with. In his excitement he started rubbing his head in my hair

One of the most difficult things about being in India is seeing the condition of the dogs, most of whom are feral, street dogs that spend their days scavenging for food and their nights roving in packs. I often hear them fighting amongst themselves in intimidating territorial barks. During the day many of them can be found standing at perfect attention in front of shops or eateries, hoping a benevolent soul will share something with them.

Last night I sat on the ghats feeding a scrawny white dog some chapati. The dog was initially reluctant and leery of me; they are often abused so are naturally reserved. But once she realized I was a friend she ate the bread with a fervor, and was soon joined but what look liked her sibling who wanted to be fed too. Afterwards she sat next to me in appreciation and let me pet her tiny head. Before taking leave she held up her paw and held my hand with perfect grace and camaraderie. A beautiful display of affection. The young guy sitting next to me said the dog could feel the love.

The dog situation is particularly painful in Varanasi where I've been told sterilization is not legal because Benares is a holy city. Therefore, there are puppies everywhere. Everywhere.
milk - Puppies Puppies EverywhereThis is one of the puppies from the above pictured pack. I found it strange to see a full crockery of milk sitting untouched next to them. They almost appear to lethargic to drink it.
newmom - Puppies Puppies EverywhereThis doting mom of new puppies has her home on a pile of fly-infested garbage. Heartbeaking to see them in this state.
2families - Puppies Puppies EverywhereI found this large pack of two families sleeping inside the entrance of a temple.
pitiful - Puppies Puppies EverywhereI encounter a number of very pitiful looking dogs; this being one of them. I've noticed that the sickest looking dogs hang out around the sweet shops.