tree hug3 - Profile
The 'Octopus' Tree & Me at Mt. Pisgah in Eugene, OR ~ self-portrait


I like to document the expression of life, whatever moves me to pick up my camera and capture the moment: the interaction of light and nature, the crystallization of water into ice, birds in flight, the living beings that cross my path, a person's expression, the injustices in life.

As a freelance photojournalist some of my work highlights injustice and exploitation. After the events of 9.11, I spent a year documenting anti-war protests in Oregon.

I have traveled extensively throughout India, living in various regions. My photos of India span a period of two years and six visits. I have spent several years working on a book on the subject of female genocide, which is at present sitting on a shelf; a work in progress...

For the time being I am working on something lighter, elevating - observing and photographing birds at Delta Ponds. I've spent countless days and hours over the last few years watching and tracking them (mostly great blue herons), excited and honored to be a witness to their habits, rituals and relationships.