Breaking with Birds

October 10, 2016

Some of you who are subscribed to my blog did so to receive updates on the Daughters of India book project. Although I continue to research and collect relevant material for the book, as well as keep the blog on Mitu Khurana updated (please check out the blog for the latest updates in Mitu's situation, which unfortunately are not favorable),  I needed a break from the intensity of the subject matter which I have been involved in for a number of years.

The break - which came about organically and serendipitously - is a photography project at Delta Ponds where i have been wandering, observing and photographing the inhabitants that occupy those ponds. It has been a sort of meditation, a rich and rewarding experience where I have also been able to learn about the habits and rituals of birds. With my adoration of the great blue heron, my initial idea was to focus on them. But the more time I spent at the ponds, the more wildlife I began to see, which prompted the idea to photograph whatever I saw, which it turns out, is a lot!

This year-long project - moving through the seasons - will soon be coming to an end. When complete, I will begin the process of creating the book, which will be both exciting and challenging, to comb through over sixty thousand (and counting) photos. Some of my favorite photos will be available as prints (I'll post information about this to my blog when that happens). In the meantime, don't forget to check out the Photo of the Day, which I generally  update every few days, depending on how occupied I am at the Ponds.

Happy Fall where the skies are alive with migrating birds!

IMG 9176 edit 1024x789 - Breaking with Birds