Free as a Bird

January 26, 2016

I've long neglected my blog in favor of spending time out in the field, on freelance assignment photographing birds at Delta Ponds, which I will be crafting into a book. If you've not visited my site in awhile you will notice the addition of many new photos taken at the ponds. The Blue Heron is my primary and favorite subject, though I am intrigued by and photographing all that I encounter. And with great passion. I love being there. It is a sort of meditation.

IMG 4985 edit 1024x682 - Free as a Bird

A few weeks ago Bald Eagles began arriving which has been a true joy since I've not seen them so up close and personal before - I was a witness to one of their mating rituals! I feel in awe being in the presence of these creatures, excited to share their portraits with you.

IMG 1138 edit 1024x881 - Free as a Bird